Wednesday, 8 February 2012

*Rascall Flatts*

Have ever heard tak pasal 'Rascal Flatts' ???Diorang nie American band lah..nak kata orang yang nyanyi  tuh handsome xlah pon.. tapi their songs boleh tahan lah.. Ada three members dalalm band nie: Gary, lead vocalist die, Jay and Rooney lead guitar and vocals jugak lah..

Aku penah dengar first song diorang lah, I mean first time aku dengar pasal diorang,.. "What hurts the most" sodap lah lagu nie..jiwang pon xjugak lah, sedeh pon xsangat lah bila dengar die punye lyrics. Tapi video clip die sedeh 20% kot..hahah..

Lend your ears for a while, it worth!!! :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I wish..

You looked at me without I realized.

You turned around when you got caught.

I laugh every time you pretend to look at your hair.

You took a chance to get closer to me.

Its funny when you sit next to me by trick others around.
The way you talked make me laugh.
Yes, I love your way. I love your  care.
I love when you say sorry every time I look terrified with your voice.

Yes, you can guide me.
I'm happy with you.
But, I can't accept you.

I hate this feeling.
Dear God, please help me.
Give me a light.
Give me Your 'hidayah'.